Digital convergence of reading & music  


Books that include a song or songs, are beginning to take center stage.   The digital convergence infiltrating the publishing industry now allows any wordsmith to enhance storytelling with the pleasure of music, or any musician to curate his music with the pleasure of the stories that accompany it.  

Readers can now experience a book with more than words. You've arrived in perfect time to ride the digital tsunami wave to success.  If you own the rights to your music or a manuscript you are in the digital cat bird seat!  

NOW is the ideal time to reunite stories with the music that is part of the story to create a multi-media reading experience ... a book that comes with a soundtrack! 

The digital age rewards those who engage and package their uniqueness in a creative way such that your clients and fans are thrilled all over again in a whole new way.     

As a lifelong business developer for corporations to small business and artists alike; I help you find new ways to leverage being digital to create a unique SongBook experience and gain mind share and market share.  Let's get creative and teach the world to read 'n rock!  

R&r is known as Rest 'n Relaxation and Rock 'n roll.  

 the new meaning .... Reading 'n rocking!