Every song has a story.  Every story has a song. 

               Every song has a story.  Every story has a song. 


Since back in the day, the world has revered the marriage of story and song.   It is a universal phenomenon we appreciate and indulge in ... for songs either take us to the time, place, and person or make a memory and mark the moment.    

Although stories and songs were inadvertently separated by the invention of the printing press, this favorite combination thrives as our modern day musicals and movie soundtracks.  MTV and YouTube combine video with music. Storytellers old and new always weave the two disciplines into one cohesive experience.       

Being digital now gifts us all a new mixture of story 'n song, a SongBook; ... where reading & music harmonize.   

Notes 'N Time;  your content strategist ... helping music artists get business value out of their discography.  


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You've arrived in perfect time to ride the digital tsunami SongBook wave.   We happily provide storytellers of all types an innovative way to leverage your well respected or brand new portfolio or discography. 

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Books with Music Inside

Let's put tunes in a book!  Authors begin with your manuscript.  Musicians  begin with your songs.   Mix in the stories or mix in the music and you'll soon have a SongBook.  

Ready to take the next step to become a SongBook author,  producer, or magic maker?  

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