SongBook, noun, [sawng][boo k]

1. Songs are integrated into a story with contextual relevance where the song adds relevance to the narrative and enhances the feeling essence the reader experiences. The completed manuscript is published in book form.

2. A book is published with song(s) that accompany a particular chapter, or a portion of a song is embedded in a sentence.  The musics add value to the telling of the story or is representative of the actual event.  Each musical component is meant to be experienced at the juncture they are presented in the sentence or paragraph. 

Life Soundtrack

Life Soundtrack, noun, [lahyf] [sound-trak], 

1. the universal phenomenon where a song reminds you of a particular person, place, or life event.

2. lyrics and music harmonize in the moment in complete synchronicity with what a person is living to become a memory the song prompts when played.

3. a song that defines the moments of one’s life, broadcast across the Cosmic Radio waves straight to your heart.


A Notes 'n Time SongBook

Pure Coincidence 

                                                                                   Author:  D. Laureen Earnest


 A story with an embedded soundtrack.  

In the reading of a SongBook, the songs are placed in the story where they hold contextual relevance.  In other words, each song accompanies a particular chapter and each song is meant to be experienced at the juncture they are presented; as this is representative of the actual life experience.  

         Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory

         Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory

The lyrics harmonize in complete synchronicity with the experience, and to the author, that particular song became synonymous with that moment.  This is how Life Soundtracks are born; the universal phenomenon where a song reminds you of a particular time, place, or person.   In the hearing of a song, they prompt us to remember, and they come to define the moments of our lives broadcast across the Cosmic Radio waves straight to your heart!  



Musicians profit from being a part of the book.  

As an indie author who has the deepest respect for songwriters and musicians, I as a technologist, took it upon myself to not stop until I found a way to go to market with a book enhanced in such a way that all artists could benefit from the business model.  It was a huge challenge to look at the emerging technologies, alongside the license laws to make it work for everyone at a book price point.       

     Listen to Pure Coincidence Soundtrack 

     Listen to Pure Coincidence Soundtrack 

One thing I knew for sure was the reading of my book was only meant to be experienced with the songs cued at particular points along the story-line just as I had lived them.  In his documentary “Running Down a Dream,” Tom Petty calls this phenomenon of "the song meeting the moment" as the “Cosmic Radio.”   In fact he says all he has to do to write a song is tune into it!    

Since 2006 I have continued to improve upon the user experience and the final product metamorphosis, to finally enter the market. The outcome of the integration of music and story is as follows:

1. The book soundtrack is offered as a shareable Spotify playlist and monetizes the music in the SongBook for all the artists.    While not a great deal of money, every penny counts and if you consider the number of books written every year your catalog and subsequent residuals could grow exponentially.   

2. Direct collaboration with one record label pays royalties for each book sale.  This direct licensing contract certainly exceeds the Spotify streaming percentage and is encouragingly comparable to what the artist currently earns through their distribution channels selling singles.

3. YouTube videos are provided in context along the linear narrative of the story throughout the enhanced e-book. 

4. Permission to print the song lyrics in the enhanced e-book were granted via a standard print license agreement whenever possible.   Hotlinks direct readers to the songwriters or musicians online store.

5. The Irish photographer whose art is highlighted throughout the book is also compensated for each book sale – as his participation was voluntary, yet irreplaceable!    

The results are the collaborative efforts means every artist featured gets their fair share of sales!  


It remains my fondest wish that more suitable agreements could be reached with each musician – as the monetization of the SongBook platform is theirs for the asking of it!   


The Notes 'n Time SongBook, Pure Coincidence is available on the Cosmic Radio