A Song's Life

With the advent of digitally enhanced books it is time to let a song tell it's own story, write it's own autobiography; be part of a new genre of biography called A Song's Life.   Have you ever considered all the stories one song ends up generating around the globe or how many lives it's touched, or how far and wide it's traveled?    

Chose just one of your favorite songs and consider how often you heard it, how often you listened to it over and over .... for years and decades even.  For don't we all find certain songs so easily find their way into our hearts to settle in forever.

Time passes by unnoticed.  You don't take the time to play your albums and for no particular reason you don't hear that song on the radio; ... when all of the sudden there it is.  You reach over to turn up the volume.  You know you haven't heard it in a long long time and you welcome it like you do an old friend.  You sing along knowing every word of it instinctively, without hesitation, the lyrics come back in ....a rushing flow.  You sit there in your glory and anticipate those certain inflections in the singers voice and music that you know are coming in the bridge.  The song brings you back to a familiar feel good feeling, and you're reminded of where you were and who was there, what season it was and what your antics were.     

Songs are recorded as notes in time in each of our lives; rhythms and harmonies that mark our days and our nights.  Millions of SongBooks are begging to be born, waiting for you to add the stories that accompanied your song or add the soundtrack that goes with your stories.    

Hugh Prestwood's Emmy award winning, The Song Remembers When, is one of the best song lyrics I know of to remind you of those times when you too were off taking part in A Song's Life.