Variations on a Theme: Story 'n Song Part 1

Storytellers of all types can redefine what's meant by the word "SongBook."  Readers love to hang out immersed in a story. SongBooks allows a story to be accented & harmonized by lyrics & music and allows readers to hear the lyrics written on the pages.  Music takes readers where only music can... enhancing the feel of a story and how deeply it can touch you.   The digital platform allows storytellers to harmonize words with music & visa versa, both literally and figuratively.  

Sample One:  Variations on a Theme

Books with sound are beginning to take center stage.   The digital convergence infiltrating the publishing industry now allows any wordsmith to enhance storytelling with the pleasure of music.  Readers can now experience a book with more than words. So let's discuss the first examples that demonstrate the variations on this song and story theme.  

Starting back in the year 2000, a time which held promises of a new millennia unfolding, magic was happening in Nashville.  Master wordsmiths and songwriters, Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers wrote the lyrics and music behind "I Hope You Dance."   They partnered with Rutledge Hill Press to produce a gift book that shipped with a CD of Lee Ann Womack performing an acoustic version recorded specifically for the book.  The song went on to reach critical acclaim including 2001 CMA, ACM, NSAI,ASCAP and BMI awards for Song of the Year. It also won the Grammy Award for Best Country Song and was nominated for Song of the Year.  The gift book is still available today on Amazon eleven years later providing ongoing royalties to all involved from the harmony of story and song.

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