Variations on a Theme: Story 'n Song Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, books with sound are beginning to emerge.  The digital convergence infiltrating the publishing industry now allows any wordsmith to enhance storytelling with the pleasure of music.  Readers can now experience a book with more than words.  Here is our 2nd example that demonstrate the variations on this song and story theme.

You may recall walking into a Hallmark shop to find a new style greeting card. ones that played a tune. Given the size of a corporation such as Hallmark, one can see how they'd have the bandwidth to negotiate an equitable agreement with the music publishers.   As the music industry was ahead of the publishing industry in their path to being digital -- this was a non-traditional revenue stream that made sense to adopt and monetize.  


By the holiday season 2010, Hallmark and Running Press Book Publishers took this concept a step further by partnering with the Peanuts United Feature Syndicate, Inc. to produce "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - an interactive book with sound.  In this children's book snippets from the televisions sound track were encapsulated in the back cover. The back cover extended about an inch beyond the front cover printed with the Peanut gang faces as "buttons".   As you read the story, when you come across the corresponding Peanut Gang Face on the page, the reader presses the play button for the music associated with that part of the story.   For instance, Schroeder is playing his usual very accomplished piano and Snoopy's tune is during his "decorate the dog box" scene!   Here again music is a natural extension to the story and elicits added visuals and auditory sensation within the story.  

Hallmark's continues to introduce sound into their product line by creating "Recordable Storybooks".  Here you record your voice saved on a microchip embedded in the book and you simply flip a small switch to lock and save your recording.  In this idyllic product your grandchild hears your voice read as they turn each page, even if  you can't be there.  At the time of this post Hallmark had four titles in this family of recordable storybooks.  The price point for these books are $29.95, which may seem a lot for a children's book; yet in this instance, connecting with your grand babies is priceless.