Variations on a Theme: Story 'n Song Part 3

In Part 3 of our Story 'n Song Variations on a theme we see where a digital book is capable of providing a seamless integrated experience for the reader.   While the book can pay tribute to the songwriter - the combined experience of story and song becomes a blended one and expands what reading means, how the scene feels, or what mood you're likely to feel through the experience of a song inside the story.     

As an example, while browsing a bookstore in the Austin, Texas airport, I reached to the top shelf to grab a book by NY Times Bestselling Author, Jodi Picoult titled "Sing You Home". I flip open the cover to discover a companion soundtrack.  Jodi wrote the lyrics and her dear friend, Ellen Wilbur, wrote the music and sang the songs.   Further integration of the music was accomplished by the chapter titles being the same as the song titles.  The author advises the reader there is no right or wrong way to consume the music; however she recommends you listen to the song and then read the chapter to get a greater understanding of the main characters "heart and soul".  

This integration of music and song is an exact demonstration of the types of enhanced story books categorized as fiction we can all look forward to consuming. I imagine it won't be long before many authors add this new dimension to their fictional characters by partnering with songwriters to give books a harmonic value.  

The possibilities and combinations of SongBooks are limitless and this is truly an exciting time for authors, songwriters, and book lovers alike.   The variations on this theme will be dynamic to watch as the artistic types learn to  collaborate and innovate.   I, for one, am ready to read and rock!  And if you'd like to get started ... 

Our team has such great fun creating custom SongBook(s) with you.  Contact us and a Notes 'N Time representative will schedule a phone consultation at a mutually convenient time.  During this initial call, we'll want to learn about the custom book you have in mind and ask other specifics to get a feel for your ideal SongBook.   Once the scope of work has been defined and a contract has been signed, we'll jump into creating your very own SongBook filled with the memories that'll last a lifetime ... and then some.