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D. Laureen Earnest

D. Laureen Earnest

For the first time in human history we are documenting the life of a song, told through the eyes of the fans who lived it and loved it! is a new style of musical experience done so by featuring the songs alongside the stories. Its also a new way to enjoy reading; where the song is on the page adding the magic of the song and its lyrics to the story. 

Legendary singers, songwriters, and musicians are in the digital cat bird seat, they just don't know it.   I'm doing my best to show how they can further leverage the digital age in this new way.

Music legends have already done the hard work over the course of their career.  Now it's time to have a blast by combining and harmonizing the songs with stories and letting us read while also being able to just push play.  To consume the song at just the right place in the story ... not just lyrics typed on a page.  

I thank you in advance for helping me create SongBooks, but more importantly honoring our favorite songwriters and musicians from the 50’s - 80’s.   Who better than us baby boomers who brought the world from analog to digital to teach the world what it means to read 'n rock ... or read with country, R&B, 'n all that jazz! 

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