We combine 2 favorite pastimes -- Reading and Music.  

I am an ally to legendary singer / songwriters, legendary bands, and authors, as together we have fun creating unique enhanced books based around your songs and the stories they generated around the world.  

As a Content Strategist and SongBook Design Consultant, I help the singer / songwriters, musicians and bands leverage their lifelong discography to generate an innovative evergreen revenue stream.

Our services make it easy to maximize the benefits of "being digital" by providing guidance and instruction on what is necessary to create and market a SongBook from an artistic, creative, functional, technical, or contextual viewpoint.  

Bottom line;  You’ll have fun participating in your SongBooks creation and your fans will dig reading your SongBook as it has your music inside.  

“When people relate passionately to a song, all that goes on in their lives gets attached to the song — and the music never stops.”
— Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

A Letter from the Founder


I appreciate you visiting us, as my encore career highlights my passions of story writing, reading, and music. 

I was privileged to enter the work force as the information technology industry began and obtained in-depth experience over the next few decades introducing and implementing state of the art technology solutions while employed at Apple, Microsoft, and Intel ... learning from the best of the best. As the tech industry grew-up, opportunities presented themselves where I found I had an innate forte' for start-up initiatives; building companies from conception to flourishing.  

Following the insistence of my heart in 2009 I gave birth to Notes 'n Time, LLC and in February 2010 published "Pure Coincidence"; a digital SongBook infusing music into the reading experience. The Cosmic Radio evolved out of my desire to help music legends maximize the digital age while using my hearts' creative talents alongside my tenure in technology. I currently reside in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania experiencing the myriad of bountiful music one venue at a time.  

I am here for you and I can't wait to learn what SongBook vision you'd like to create.   

All the best, 

D. Laureen Earnest

Founder & Principal

Notes 'n Time, LLC  & Cosmic Radio



Daryl Paul Earnest 1978 - 2000

Daryl Paul Earnest 1978 - 2000

The first Son, the first Grandson, and the first nephew to arrive in the Earnest household on Thanksgiving Day ... he was our little turkey. Daryl grew up into an amazing young man and had found his true calling in his art. He was at the top of his game and happier than we'd ever recalled.

All who knew him loved his jovial ways -- always this big smile like pictured here. Heaven has a beautiful angel and we an earnest Guardian all our days. Daryl loved music and loved creativity. It is in his honor I dedicate my very best creative adventures.  

My adventures thus far: 

  • Taught myself to read at age 5

  • Learned to play & perform piano at age 6

  • Won a fully restored 1930 Model A Ford at age 9.

  • Age 10 took up clarinet for Jr. & Sr high school marching & concert band.

  • Sang in multiple choirs, musicals and a copy band.

  • Traveled to many great spots throughout the USA & Europe for work and leisure.

  • Have resided in eight US states thus far.

  • Learned its my highest joy to follow my heart.

  • Decades of experience in sales & marketing in the information technology industry.

  • Opened a sales & technology consulting boutique in 2004.

  • Became a Certified Social Media Consultant in 2009 and launched Notes 'N Time.

  • Published an enhanced Song-Book in 2010 titled, Pure Coincidence

  • Launched all new products & services at Tunes in a Book in 2014 and that effort morphed into the Cosmic Radio in early 2018.

  • 2019 -- business is crazy fun and I can't wait to see what happens next!  

THEME SONG:   Start the Car 

ARTIST:  Jude Cole 

© 2005 WMG Start The Car (Video)